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After participating in the summer school of New York University, Daisuke Miyazaki worked under directors such as Leos Carax and Kiyoshi Kurosawa. His first feature, END OF THE NIGHT (2011) won Toronto Shinsedai Cinema Festival. After being selected as one of 7 Japanese Independent Directors You Must Check Out by Raindance Film Festival, he was selected for Berlinale Talents. Omnibus film 5TO9 of which he directed the Japanese segment was screened at big festivals including Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2015. Medias such as New York Times, Variety, and Hollywood Reporter are raving his second feature in 2017, YAMATO (CALIFORNIA).


Journalist Yamamoto comes back to Japan after being captured by terrorists in the Middle East. He spends time with his family, but a boy kills his son. He goes to the Philippines following the killer who gets out of the jail but not for revenge.

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