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" Write Retreat is freedom - nobody makes you do anything certain - only you decide. So, you can either write a draft, or several lines, but all of these ways will definitely make you feel your
project much deeper. The organizing team and the participants managed to create a very trustful and comfortable environment, where everybody could feel free, share their stories, thoughts, fears and mistakes, express their opinion and receive formidable feedback and advice

I would have died if there wasn’t the write retreat"  - DAISUKE MIYAZAKI

 I would strongly recommend everyone to go to the Write Retreat, to be inspired and to get going on a dream project. Ideally in between drafts. You’ll have the rare occasion to spend time only on being and inspired and writing KRISTIAN SEJRBO LIDEGAARD

 I love silence, and silence is what you get. I will always remember the bells from the sheep in the pasture while writing outside the house. I would't think that the sound of bells could be so comforting. The whole place is comforting; the view on the mountains, the food, the meetings, the people  JENIFER MALMQVIST

The perfect place where you can explore, reflect, get influenced and... write  - TINNA HRAFNSDÓTTIR

They helped me address my writers block (which we identified to be due to a lack of courage and disillusionment on my part), and helped me discover the soul of my story. The place was beautiful and conducive to thinking and writing. People experience many deaths and rebirths in a lifetime, but The Write Retreat is the one rebirth that I would surely remember and treasure forever - SIEGE LEDESMA

The Write Retreat is the right retreat for connecting with goats, sheep, fellow filmmakers, mentors and the sublime essence of your script. Highly recommend and superbly hosted in the tender hands of Marietta and Anthea - ILLUM JACOBI

The 2018 Write Retreat in Mallorca was extremely productive and inspiring both to the scriptwriting process of my project, and to the devolvement of the pre-production and production phases.


A magnificent location to write with supporting and meticulous mentorship,  an experience that allows thinking, doubting, changing and developing within a limited amount of time. 


For me it was THE place to come with a good treatment and a pile of ideas and materialize those into a living script - ASSAF GRUBER

The Write was a great experience!
With the assistance of professionals and educators, I was given a kickstart of confidence to begin a new script. All the writer/directors really connected during the retreat because we all had one passion in common - filmmaking 

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