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Illum Jacobi comes from a background in mountaineering and long expeditions into the Arctic and Amazon. He studied cinematography at the Danish Film School before moving into video art. The relationship between human and nature is a strong theme in his work, which has been shown at museums such as MoMa, Palais de Tokyo and the National Gallery of Denmark. Frederik jumped into screenwriting with his first feature, The Expatriate, a noir thriller set in Port-au-Prince andPolynia developed at Torino Film Lab. His first feature as a director is a tragic comedy about a philosopher searching for the sublime in the Alps set in the 18th century and scheduled to be released later this year.  


Fall of Man is a film about Knud Rasmussen, an explorer torn between his mixed inuit blood, his scientific ambitions and an urge to abandoned himself to the land and live free from hunt to hunt. The film takes place in 1918 when Knud leads an expedition into unexplored land in Northern Greenland with a mix team of inuit hunters and scandinavian scientists. He is drawn deeper and deeper into the wilderness, beyond any scientific goals, beyond reason and far beyond the point of no return.

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