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Maksym Nakonechnyi got the Bachelors degree in directing in 2012 in Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National university of theatre, cinema and TV. Worked on different TV projects for several years, then founded an independent production company «Tabor» with his friends, which now makes documentaries, fiction films, theatre plays, commercial and social videos and cultural volunteering projects.  Shot several fiction shorts as a director, produces documentaries. Was part of IDFA Academy 2018, often takes part in B2BDoc pitch, script and editing workshops, recently was selected to participate in Eurodoc 2019.


Aerial reconnaissance female soldier gets exchanged after two month of capture, but coming back home, she finds out, that she is pregnant. Will she manage to save herself and the child, living in a society, that is not ready to accept both of them and what price should she pay for that salvation?

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