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Tinna Hrafnsdóttir is a director, actress, scriptwriter, casting director and producer both in theatre and films. She holds a MBA degree from Reykjavik University and runs her own film production company, Freyja Filmwork.


Tinna has made two award winning short films, Munda 2017 and Helga 2016, which both have been selected to major film festivals around the world. Currently she is developing QUAKE, her first feature film, which will start shooting in the beginning of 2020.

Tinna is one of the board members of WIFT in Iceland (Women in Film and Television), she teaches adaptation in the Icelandic Film School and is also developing her first TV series, Home Is Where the Heart Is, with co-writer Ottó Geir Borg. Tinna was the casting director of the Sundance award winning film And Breathe Normally 2018.


Currently Tinna is also working as an actress in the Icelandic Netflix series Valhalla Murders (True North, Mystery Productions) and The Minister (Saga Film).


Quake is an adaptation based on the award winning and best-selling novel Grand Mal by Audur Jonsdóttir, one of Iceland’s most accomplished writers today. It tells the story of Saga, a newly divorced, single mom in her forties, who gets hit by a fierce epileptic attack walking in a public park with her six-year-old son and loses her memory. Afraid of this out-of-control-ness, and being considered unfit to take care of her son, Saga seeks to hide her memory loss from others. But, upon trying to gather together bits and pieces from her forgotten life Saga finds out the disturbing fact that her present life is full of illusions and abnormalities. Repressed memories of a childhood full of fear and traumatic experiences start to flow, long gone memories that she buried deep inside her soul as a child start to appear again and a painful truth about her life and family finally reveals itself. Saga is now forced to look straight into the eyes of a ruthless past and review her whole existence. But facing that reality might just be the key to unlock her hidden potentials, the life changing key to understanding and acceptance.

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