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Was born in Odessa 1990. Studied mathematic in Odessa, but than totally changed the way and graduated  from Kiev national university of theatre and cinema at 2014 as film director. During 2014 Ukranian revolution took part in protests and started to film documentary.

In 2014 co-founder of film company Tabor Production. From December 2014  started to be a volunteer working with children in city Mykolaivka in Donetsk area, where the war partly destroyed the city. The voluntering process was a start of movie  ‘’School№ 3’’, that The premier of movie  “School#3” was at Berlinale 2017, where it got Grand Prix in Generation 14+ program.

One of big interests are theatre and documentary theatre.

Was director  of workshop and documentary play ‘’Wo es brennt’’ in Constance theatre Germany at spring 2016.

Was the main director of social theater project ‘’Class act East-West’’ at summer 2016.

Was a director together of documentary play ‘’Dad desides’’ in September 2016.

Took part in Berlinale Talents campus 2018.

Member of Ukrainian Film Academy and  European Film Academy.


Marta comes back to her hometown to sell the flat of her biological father that had disappeared few years ago, she gets throw the process from total suspension to adoption of the father which she didn't know. 

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